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Baroness Petra Victoria Lace

My story,

How did I end up in Annett Holland's Fotostudio ? I myself prefer antique clothing (costumes) especially from the years 1873 to 1905. Your pose changes unbelievable due to these extreme tight dresses and you will feel like a real lady from that previous time.

At First I dressed myself in normal clothing without make-up. It looked extreme beautiful, but I really wanted the finishing touch like a suitable wig and en make-up. I wanted to try this for a Photo shoot, but did not really dare that yet. Make-up like a women is just one step further.

I took the plunge and went searching on the internet. On YouTube I found a sparkling transformation man/women carried out by Holland Fotostudio's Annett. Unbelievable.

I thought if somebody can change me into a women it must be Annett, as an artist I also am a perfectionist. I sent an e-mail to Holland Fotostudio asking to try this Photo shoot, first as a Victorian Lady and also one as normal women. An appointment was quickly made and I couldn't wait until the date came up.

Wow it was fantastic, the welcome was thoughtful and caring and I was taken care of from head to foot. The two of us couldn't get enough of it, and the time passed quickly. You don't believe your own eyes when you see the end result, the photographs are so beautiful. You see a transformation to a super elegant Baroness and also one to a sexy Young lady J

I think I have got the taste of it, thanks to Annett and her team and I can't wait till out next Photo shoot.

With kindest regards, a very satisfied Baroness Petra Victoria Lace.

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