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The moments I may be female are my finest moment!

" A women shall wear no men clothes and a man no women's clothes, , anyone who does these things, is the Lord , your God an abomination l " Deuteronomium 22:5"

I was born as a boy in 1955 in reformed neighbourhood in Utrecht, The Netherlands. I was four years old and in our street lived a sweet little girl with blond piper curls and I though she wore a nice read dress. I so very much wanted to wear her dress and she allowed me to and we changed clothes, very innocent, for us a very normal thing to do.

I felt like a princess, fantastic! To the contrary, my mother did not think it was fantastic, she got mad and I did not understand her madness, I did not understand what I did wrong.

The awareness came much later, realising that I was different than others, the mistake that I am a man, every day, every minute I am aware of the fact that I see a man in the mirror.I married with a fantastic women when I was twenty one years old and we got three children, but despite all this I still felt I was living in a wrong body, that of a man. After a long road in the hospital I was eligible for a sex change. Eventually I did not go though with it; I choose for my family, my wife and children had already withstood so much.

Whose interests are most important, whose happiness has to come first ? On my 55th birthday a got the photo shoot at Annett (Holland photo studio) as a present from my wife, this for a shoot in three outfits! I enjoyed every minute of it; I stayed in heaven and could be the women I always wanted to be!

The people working in the studio are very professional, have class and strive for perfection with the greatest respect for the persons who is being photographed. In the meantime I have been for the second time at Holland photo studio and I already plan for the next time.


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