Frequently Askes Questions 

A photo session with one outfit lasts about three hours. Each extra outfit takes about 2 hours.

If you book a second make-up you will definitely need another half hour. 
For example: You booked a photo session with three outfits and you want to change your make up during the session then you will be with us about six to seven hours. (we take the time for you all day)
Inn the longer session, 3 different outfits, we will serve fresh sandwiches, and the 3 of us eat together
We advise you not to book more than three outfits. It is common for customers to book four outfits, we always try to make that possible. But more than four outfits a day is not feasible. It is also not recommended, because we want to take all the time for every photo session and we will take care that it will all be professional pictures. For yourself it is therefore not wise to do more than four outfits / photo sessions in a day.
Yes. If you inform us in advance, we buy the nails and our make-up artist will apply them. Important for you to know is that we cannot fasten them with real glue. They must be easy to remove when you leave. Our make-up artist works with self adhesive nails which are easy to remove. If you want your nails painted you have to ask us before your shoot about the possibilities. Without telling us before it is not possible to paint your nails on the day of the shoot.
We offer all photo sessions with the possibility that there are no extra customers in our photo studio. Do you choose for the more favorable variety where customers can be present in our studio, we will make sure that you still feel comfortable with us. Do you want the makeup done in a separate room then we can make that possible and you can still opt for the favorable variety. 

Please let us know in advance so that we can make this possible.
Yes, our make-up artist/stylist will surely help you get dressed specially to create "the breast". We work very professional in our studio and always ask our customers permission of course. Please understand that we kindly ask you to put on your string and/ or panty (hose) yourself. For the rest we will help you with everything.
We have a lot of clothes available in the studio. You can use this without extra costs. If you already get an impression of the possibilities, check out the clothes and accessories
We always have panty hoses is our studio. However, if you have any special requests its better if you bring your own. Or a possibility is that your order them online and let them send your order to our studio for you to use when you come for your photo shoot.
Shoes (high heels) we have in all sizes up to size 49! We also have bras in different colors and also the breast fillings needed for this photo session, which will be under the clothes.

We don’t have other lingerie, you should therefore arrange this yourself if you want to be photographed with lingerie. If you want to order lingerie on internet for your photo session, then you can use our postal address.
Yes we have a large assortment of which in our studio. They have all lengths and colours. We frequently get new types.
No we don’t film your shoot unless you give permission to do so. Once In a while we ask our customers for permission because we would like to occasionally show new videos on our website and youtube channel

But you certainly do not have to give permission. So just pass along that you would rather not do that and then that is no problem for us. We can also film the shoot in such a way that you are totally unrecognizable as a man. But if you don’t want this we won’t do it, that’s no problem!
NO! Your information stays with us. We do nothing with your information. It is very important to us that you feel safe with us during and after the photo shoot. For some it is and will stay sensitive information, often friends and family do not know about this shoot.
That’s not necessary. would you rather not give a real name or postal address or phone number then that is no problem for us. A mobile phone number is useful in case we have to reach you on your photo shoot day, but if you don’t want to give it, than that is fine by us.
We speak Dutch, German and a little English. Our customers come from all over the world. We often have customers coming from countries which languages we don't speak. We prepare ourselves and prepare questions often occurring on paper in their own language and this works. In this way we can communicate – we are nice ladies – it will work you'll see ! Our customers from Italy, not speaking English, keep coming back even though we don't speak any Italian.
In the street were we are located is always free parking space free of charge.
Please see our Hotel page.
It is best to call the Taxicentrale Drechtsteden under 0031-78-6452003 and book a taxi. From the station to us the costs are Euro € 15, -. From hotel van der Valk it costs € 7.50.
To secure an appointment with us, we ask you a payment in advance by transfer or cash in the studio.

Only then can we reserve the photo studio for you and book your photographer and make-up artist.
In our photo studio we have a lot of choice of backgrounds and you can choose on which background you want to be photographed. If you booked a shoot (with outfit) we will always photograph you on different backgrounds. We often choose the background considering your clothing and your choice.


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