Crossdress photo shoots

Holland Fotostudio offers you something unique to! Experience the Crossdress photo shoot and if man glitter you like a beautiful classy woman. Whether you're drag-queen, travesties, crossdresse transgenderm or just want to try something new once, then this foto shoot is right for you!

With our magical make-up and hairstyling, we make of every man a beautiful, classy woman! Our quality is unique in the whole of Europe, because our clients come to us not only from all over Belgium, but also from Netherlands, Germany, England, France and Italy.

Several Crossdress photo shoots

We offer two types of crossdress photo shoots:

  • Stylish beautiful woman: in this photo shoot you can transform from man to a beautiful classy woman. You could use one of the many clothing and accessories such as wigs that are present in the studio.
  • Exclusive cover: experience what it is like to be a real cover model. All things like clothing, make-up, accessories, jewelry, we are ready. Our team of make-up artists makes a fabulous make up so that you're going to shine like never before.

Read all about the photo shoots and view our portfolios on the exclusive cover page or pretty stylish woman.

Portfolio of our foto sessions


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